Thursday, January 1, 2009

About the Comic...

This comic series was a pet project of mine that began when I realized that I have two special edition figmas that came from two separate exclusive PlayStation 2 video games. The format is 4koma or 4-panel from top to bottom. A lot of humourous comics in Japan are in this format. "First panel: Setup. Second panel: Development. Third panel: Twist. Fourth panel: Conclusion." That was from Sayonara Zetsubou-sensei manga volume 2, though they add an extra panel there that I won't talk about here ^^; This comic is not updated regularly, unfortunately... Unless someone wants to pay me to make this everyday XD

The first game I bought was "Suzumiya Haruhi no Tomadoi", or "The Perplexity of Haruhi Suzumiya", which featured Haruhi and the rest of the cast in an fantasy RPG setting. The figma is Chouyusha Haruhi, or Ultra Warrior Haruhi. I believe she was the first figma I've ever bought. An expensive one at that... To this day, I haven't even played the game yet. I heard it was kinda boring... ^^;

The second game I bought with a figma was "Fate/Unlimited Codes". It's a fighting game based on Fate/stay night characters. Saber Lily was a variation of the famous Saber character that became quite popular even though she only appeared in this game. The figma is of Saber Lily and became one of the hardest to find figmas in the world. Oh she's available somewhere I'm sure, but be prepared to pay around $100ish... Again, I haven't played this game yet even though I was DYING to play it when I first saw screenshots of it.

The Saber Lily figma has appeared in either all or most of the comics, so she gets the title of the series. Since most of her fights are with Haruhi I used "The Melancholy of" in the title as well. It really works well since a lot of time Saber Lily became the victim ^^;;

The comic was just a quick play on a few Haruhi quirks and powers and the play on words of "Lily" and "Yuri". "Lily" is translated as "yuri" in Japanese and "yuri" also refers to one of the genres in Japanese stories which involves two girls in love. One of the jokes you'll keep seeing here will be this "yuri" term... Read more on Wikipedia to understand more about yuri.

I only meant this last only four parts, but when I first posted it on, a lot of people liked it so much that everyone was asking for more! I was overwhelmed! I suddenly had to come up with more stories, lol. I didn't really have to, but I wanted to because it was a lot of fun to share my sense of humour even though sometimes it's only me who understands it ^^;;;

So now this is the extra side project I'm doing apart from my blog. I would love to just keep everything on that blog, but I do so many things on my blog not just this comic... So I decided to make this site where I can collect all the comics I've made so far together in one spot. Thus was born.

Watch this space for more developments about this site and links... I haven't decided what to do with the links yet. For now they are links of friends' blog that have encouraged me in the creations of this comic series. Please visit them for some quality content :)